Credit Card Terminals

Credit Card Terminals

We offer a complete host of credit card terminals to suit your business’ needs. Options include mobile cellular devices as well as short range BlueTooth models and fixed ethernet (internet) or dial-up versions. Our terminals are tap and go capable,


Merchant Accounts

Wherever your business is located in North America our merchant accounts are capable of processing and settling in $Cdn and $US. This provides your customers with the comfort of knowing that they will not incur foreign exchange charges. We support


Virtual Terminal & eCommerce Solutions

Provide up to 5,000 users with browser based credit card acceptance via a Virtual Terminal. Or integrate Shopify or many other sophisticated eCommerce applications. Converge / VirtualMerchant – Benefits at a Glance Converge – Mobile Payments (iPhone / Android) Converge


Talech POS System

    We are pleased to announce the launch of talech with Elo: an innovative and informative point of sales system available now! talech is an affordable, turnkey register solution that transforms a compatible tablet into a powerful business-management solution

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